Carol Burin


I grew up in Chicago and currently live on Chicago’s suburban North Shore. I earned my undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and earned a post-graduate degree from Loyola University Chicago. I’m a member of the North Shore Art League and the Evanston Art Center. 








I’m inspired to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces – the kind of decoration I’ve used throughout my life to add zest and interest to my appearance. I combine gemstones, chains, cords, and decorative emblems into unique designs that serve as both a compliment and counterpoint to my canvases. 







My interest in creating art developed more than twenty years ago. When I began drawing and painting I found inspiration in the subject matter that surrounded me – my family, home, and the events of our daily life. Fruits and vegetables in my kitchen became still life paintings. Old photographs, family vacations, holiday celebrations and my family’s ethnic heritage have inspired landscapes, portraits, and figures in a variety of settings.